Who the bloody hell are we?

Who the bloody hell are we?

by Ben Wallace

Ok so a lot of you have been wondering who is behind SDS, thank you for the messages prompting us. 

So I’m Ben Wallace a Registered Psychiatric Nurse working in acute mental health and my partner, Jake Dobinson, is an Environmental and Chemical Engineer tackling the energy needs of East Coast Australians. We’re currently based in rural Victoria with imminent plans to relocate to Melbourne. I have a history of working in luxury retail as a buyer and manager prior to nursing. 

You must be thinking why did you start Some Design Store??? 

Well the simple answer is Burn Out. We were six months into the pandemic and I was working in Emergency at the time and the constant threat of catching covid, working short staffed, no escape etc. It broke me. The no holidays broke Jake. One night we were enjoy a ‘few’ lockdown wines discussing what we would rather be doing and how everything we love in life was deemed not essential, art and design. We thought, how can we support some of these amazing artists we admire and escape our reality?  We thought why not have a store that celebrated Design. 

Then next minute we’re registering a business. Some Design Store was born. At the time we named it after our puppies, Enzo and Luca (pictured). 

The next night we stayed up contacting all different designers or product makers, lots said no and finally some said yes. The reality of what we had kicked in and so did the anxiety/ imposter syndrome. During this time COVID continued, I changed jobs and we had built a house and SDS was continually put on the back burner. 

Come mid 2021 we were ready but something wasn't right. The only cure for that anxiety was a complete rebrand and then Some Design Store was born. We met with this amazing marketing guru Alice Cloake, another Brisbanite, who turned our drunken wine night dream into a Brand with direction. She introduced us to Azman who created our branding. They brought SDS alive. 

And here we are, 2022! Thanks for joining us on this roller coaster journey. It’s just the beginning. We hope you love what we have in store for you.

Ben & Jake xxx

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