• Wide Speckled Vase
  • Wide Speckled Vase
  • Wide Speckled Vase

Wide Speckled Vase

Adele Macer

Regular price $75.00

Wheel thrown, stoneware vase in a white, textured stoneware clay with satin/gloss glaze finish inside. A strong, heavy base able to hold tall flowers. The Wide Speckled Vase is reminiscent of winter days - lovely, muted tones perfect to display your latest bunch of neighbourhood collected wildflowers or natives. 

Everything is handmade by Adele in Melbourne. That means that no two items are the same and that is what makes them special. Sometimes the image you see is an example of the product, not the exact product you are buying, so small differences will be evident. 


Dimensions: H 130 x Dia 160 mm
Weight: 900 g 
Materials: Stoneware ceramics 
Care Instructions: Gently hand wipe with a damp cloth.

Due to the handmade nature of the products, dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

Handmade in Australia.