Roshni Senapati Sculptures

Roshni Senapati is an Australian ceramic artist based in Meanjin/Brisbane. Working with
porcelain and silk thread, her recent work explores the idea of memory and touches on the theme of ancestral history and cultural connection. Roshni also continues her early practice of making large coil-built sculptural forms that explore the notion of place.

Roshni was born in Mumbai, India, and has called Australia home for forty years. She has
lived and worked in various parts of the country, including remote Indigenous communities. There is a duality in her practice, a response to her experience and association with the legacy of two cultures. While her recent sculptural forms are infused with Indian cultural influences and memories, the forms and colours of the physical landscape, fauna, flora and indigenous culture of Australia also find their way into her work.

Following a 35-year career as an early childhood educator, Roshni is focusing on building a ceramic practice. She started formal ceramics classes in 2016 and is continuing her studio-led exploration of sculptural vessels, working from her home studio.
Her porcelain and silk thread sculptures have been exhibited in group exhibitions in
Brisbane. Roshni was a finalist in the National Emerging Art Prize 2021, Ceramic Arts
Queensland 2021 Siliceous Award for Ceramic Excellence, as well as the Little Things Art
Prize 2021.

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