• Candle Stack 07 (Green)
  • Candle Stack 07 (Green)
  • Candle Stack 07 (Green)
  • Candle Stack 07 (Green)

Candle Stack 07 (Green)

Stan Editions

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Stan Editions present a new way of using candles... CANDLE STACKS! The fruit of their search for a new way of using candles. Where and how the candles move is up to you.

Stan Editions brings its creative flair and love of art to the Candle Stacks collection. Built out of separate stackable modules, Candle Stacks are designed to be stacked on top of each other, enabling you to build sculptures of candles in an order of your choosing. Each design serves as a new way of lighting up your room, with a burn time of approximately 230 hours.

The box contains 1 stack of 7 candles in different dimensions, accompanied by one candle holder.


- 40 mm X 95 mm
70 mm X 30 mm
100 mm X 30 mm
70 mm X 60 mm
80 mm X 60 mm
100 mm X 60 mm
100 mm X 90 mm
Weight: 1550 g
Product Care: Safety instructions included in each box. 
Approximate burn time complete set: 230 Hours

Due to the handmade nature of the products, dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

Produced in Europe to the highest standards.