Some Design Store was created by Ben Wallace and Jake Dobinson during the peak of COVID-19 Pandemic. SDS is their COVID baby and the means for an escape from reality. Ben is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse working in community mental health. Ben has vast experience working with luxury goods prior to Nursing. Jake is a Chemical and Environmental Engineer tackling the energy needs of East Coast Australians. Both have a passion for art, design and wine. 
Based in regional Victoria during lockdown, Ben and Jake were isolated from what they believed was essential to society - art. The fatigue of caring for people at the height of the pandemic during their darkest moments took its toll on Ben. Rather than leave the profession altogether (and in typical Ben fashion), he sought to take on both; gaining some connectivity to the design world they had become so isolated from. Fortunately, Jake is a supportive partner, and, one night after a glass of wine too many, Some Design Store was born. The duo felt what better way to escape the reality of their nine to five than curating a collection of art and design.

Some Design Store is not just some design store. 

We’re a fruity mentos in a world of kool mints. 

We’re a rainbow rose in a bouquet of reds. 

We’re alphabet spaghetti in a world of fettuccine. 

You get the drift, we’re something different. 

At Some Design Store we like it fun. 

We’re allergic to samesy and go all confetti crazy over originality. 

We fangirl over the creative hands and minds of makers. 

We think your space deserves to have you in it. 

You as in, the colour of you, the joy and humour of you. 

Art can do that. Homewares can do that. 

Some Design Store can do that.